My first batch of Krupnik was supposed to be the last.

When I was growing up, if you had heard of Krupnik, it was because my dad shared with you some that he made. After my parents passed, my nephew Casey and I found my dadʼs Krupnik kit while cleaning out their garage and decided to make one last batch.

The aroma of the spiced tea was like a time machine. Not only did the smell take me back to my childhood, the result gave me an almost physical urge to share it. Instead of being the last, that batch turned out to be the first of many.

A group of friends enjoying Krupnik
Photo: Recreating In Oregon
Photo 2.2 – recreating In Oregon
Photo: JVR’s NASA contractor's Badge
Photo 2.3 – JVR’s NASA contractor's Badge

The JVR Way

My dad, JVR, was a maker's maker. But for him, to make was not a label, it was a way of living. He had a lifelong passion to cut, shape, and assemble metal and wood into something of beauty and utility. He made precision scientific instruments, furniture, jewelry, boats, fishing rods, and even fishing reels. He tied his own flies for fishing, but first he made the clamps, vises, and bobbins that he used to tie them.

It’s no surprise then, that when dad made Krupnik, he made the tools he needed. Like a hand made knife, with the blade curved just so, for cutting and chopping spices. Or a mallet, machined from a billet of aluminum, with the handle knurled for better grip.

The JVR Way? Make it yourself. Make it by hand. Make it right. And put the tool back where you found it.

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Produced And Bottled In Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is home to many independent spirits, and quite a few distillers of fine spirits. A great place to be if youʼre searching for a way to share Krupnik with the world.

My quest to share Krupnik led me to Tom Burkleaux, founder and owner of New Deal Distillery. Heʼs a bit of a mad scientist, with over a decade of experience making liquor by hand in small batches. Tom's been instrumental in helping us make Krupnik that we can share with the world but still do it the JVR way—by hand, using fresh ingredients, real honey, and New Deal's great spirits.

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Photo: Spirits Fresh Off The Still
Photo 2.4 – Spirits Fresh Off The Still
Photo: Hand Crafted Flavor
Photo 2.5 – Hand Crafted Flavor

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