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What happens when a fly fishing physicist explores the serendipities of a centuries old confluence of bees and booze? JVR Spirits Krupnik.

Legends say that Benedictine monks in Poland and Lithuania made Krupnik as far back as the 15th century. At JVR Spirits, we make Krupnik by hand from a recipe my dad perfected in his garage in Eugene, Oregon in the late 20th century. The rich flavor comes from whole spices and fresh citrus, blended with honey and column-distilled neutral grain spirits.

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JVR is my Dad

He made Krupnik in our garage and shared it with family, friends, and colleagues all over the world. They would invariably ask, “Where can I get more?”

I founded JVR Spirits to answer that question.

About JVR Spirits

JVR in the Lab
Photo 0.1 – JVR in The Lab
Modernized Process
Photo 0.2 – Modernized Process

2016 Hard Times Distillery Expo

2016 Hard Times Distillery Expo

Meet Krupnik at the Hard Times Distillery Expo!

Saturday August 6, 4pm-9pm.

Hult Center, Eugene, Oregon.

JVR Spirits returns to our home town to share Krupnik!

Kevin Cohen Plumbing and Hard Times Distillery bring you a true spirits expo—food, drink, live music, and the chance to taste spirits from local and artisan distillers.

Stroll the Hult Center in Eugene and find a your old favorite spirit or maybe discover a new one. Like Krupnik, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.

This is a 21 and over event and admission is $25 for spirit tasting and small bites. Cocktails and bottles may be available for sale from Oregon distilleries.

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What They're Saying...

What They're Saying...

In the news… visit Eater.com and discover the select group of distilleries in the U.S. who make Krupnik (or Krupnikas). A great read!

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