It Takes A Village #1

Today’s Guest: Bob Smith, designer.

On the web: bobsmith design

I first met and worked with Bob in the mid 90’s when we were both employed by the tailoring department of a local cobbler. We shared an appreciation for snarky humor, good design, photography, and one of those “are you kidding me?” connections to a musician by the name of Craig Carothers. Bob also reminded me of one of my dearest friends since middle school in that they were both drummers, exceedingly quick witted, had an encyclopedic knowledge of Saturday Night Live. As a bonus, he seemed to tolerate, perhaps even enjoy, my sometimes (sometimes?) caustic take on the human experience.

Bob left the cobbler shop a few years before I did, but we stayed in touch, connected by the aforementioned list of common interests and the fact that he knew he could always call me when he needed a photographer and was completely out of either options or budget.

When I started JVR Spirits, I knew I wanted to work with Bob if possible, if for no other reason than to return the favor of asking for help when few options and a modest budget were available.  When I told him the story of my dad, and how I came make Krupnik, he teared up only a couple of times and said, “You had me at ‘free booze.’ “

With time to reflect, I’ve come to appreciate how Bob has made his way in the world in much the same way that JVR did. They were both “undereducated” by the standards of the circles they travelled in but made up for it by being talented, whip-smart, hard working, and world-class autodidacts. A potent combination, no doubt.

The photos in this post celebrate the truly outstanding work that Bob did to design the label for JVR Spirits Krupnik, but he has contributed so much more: our website, business cards, print collateral, advertisements, and coming soon, things you can buy from us even if you’re under 21, like tees, caps, and stickers.

Besides all of this, Bob is simply a damn fine person—he’s given a helpful ear and good counsel every time I ask. I look forward to more good times and great design in the future!

Thank you Bob!


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