When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro

With apologies to Hunter S. Thompson, the last few months have been a blur, but not the kind he advocates. At JVR Spirits, we made our first bottling of Krupnik in October, won a Gold Medal at the Great American Distillers Festival, and began the cycle of make, bottle, sell, repeat. The whole time, we were trying to catch up with holiday demand and the learning curve that comes with basically not knowing what the hell you’re doing.

It was about a year ago that my work began in earnest to figure out how to make my dad’s Krupnik and share it with the world. Or at least, Oregon. My experience making Krupnik and offering it to friends and family did not prepare me for what this would entail. The best surprise has been the support from family, friends, and perfect strangers — it’s as if I’m living their dream by taking something from my garage to the market. It’s the Krupnik flavored frosting on the cake to find out that (a) people like Krupnik and (b) it’s pretty damn fun doing this.

Looking ahead, there is a lot more of the make/bottle/sell in my future. And I hope, many more times when someone will taste Krupnik for the first time and say, “Wow”. Beyond that, I hope that you’ll help me to remember to stop every now and then and make a batch just for the fun of it.

Thank You! Happy New Year!

Stay Tuned…


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