Heading Up?

The one time it is safe to eat yellow snow? When your friend spills Krupnik on it.

If you’re heading to the mountains, may we suggest JVR Spirits Krupnik? The sweet warmth of a shot of Krupnik is the perfect complement to your mountain recreation. On Mount Hood, you can pick up a bottle at the liquor store inside of Govy General Store. You can also enjoy Krupnik at Mt. Hood Brewing in Guvvy. Higher up, enjoy a Jingle Bells—a toddy made with Krupnik—at the Ram’s Head or the Blue Ox at historic Timberline Lodge.

As always, check our Find It page for the store nearest you to grab a bottle. We continue to suggest that you call ahead as the holiday season tends to help make the Krupnik fly from the shelves.


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