Naughty or Nice?

If you have a naughty and nice list this Christmas, consider the value proposition of JVR Spirits Krupnik. Our 375ml bottle is guaranteed to fit in any stocking (and some purses) and is also the perfect gift for those on your “naughty” list. Just be sure to let that person know that people on the “nice” list got the 750ml bottle. When the word gets out, don’t surprised how big your “nice” list gets next year.

At JVR Spirits, everybody who buys or shares a bottle of Krupnik is on our nice list.

Where Can I Get Krupnik?

For help locating a store with Krupnik in stock, click here to jump to our Find It page. This list includes all stores that have ordered Krupnik, but stock levels vary daily. Best to call ahead if you need to travel across town to pick up a bottle.

As a public service, the OLCC has a website where you can check availability online. Keep in mind that this report also lags behind by a day or so—always best to call ahead if you’re making a trip. Here’s how:

In your browser, go to

1. Navigate past the age gate.
2. In the search box, type in 2816B to find stores who carry Krupnik 750ml.
3. Or, type in 2816E to find stores that carry Krupnik 375ml.

And any story can order in bottles for you if they don’t have stock. Just ask!


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