People's Choice? People's Choice!

On Friday and Saturday, October 24-25, Portland hosted the world premiere of JVR Spirits Krupnik at the Great American Distillers Festival. Hundreds of people tasted a sample of Krupnik for the first time and we are not bragging to say we created some buzz. And by buzz, I mean a lot of enthusiasm for something, not the the other kind.

How much buzz? JVR Spirits Krupnik was voted the People’s Choice award winner for the 2014 GADF! Thank you from the bottom of a 500L tank of Krupnik to everyone who tried Krupnik and told us how much you love it by casting your vote.

The two most common reactions were “wow”, and “oh my gosh”. An overwhelming majority fell somewhere between “this is great” and the topper, a spontaneous partial re-enactment of the “I’ll have what she’s having…” scene from When Harry Met Sally.

My favorite exchange:
Customer: (preparing to taste) Is it like Jagermeister?
JVR Spirits: It would probably be closer to Barenjager.
Customer: (after tasting) More like Barenjager’s billionaire uncle!

Now the long wait is over and it’s time to get out there and try it yourself! Ask your local liquor store if they stock it (try Portland Center Liquor) and if they don’t, ask them to order you a bottle. Easy as Krupnik pie.

Stay tuned for updates—we’re putting together some great events for the upcoming holiday season to make sure that you can add a dash of Krupnik to your gathering.

And no, it’s not mead.


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