Is That A Bottle Of Krupnik?

It’s National Liquor Day.

How are you celebrating?

At JVR Spirits, we’re celebrating by bottling our very first batch of Krupnik!

Bringing a new spirit to market is a bit like having a baby. It starts out very exciting. Then there are months where things are happening, but the day to day changes seem quite small. And then, at the end, your world changes faster than you can imagine and you’re running to the store at midnight to pick up things that you never knew you needed.

Today we’re doing a bit of that, but mostly we’re walking around wearing a silly grin, taking it all in, and looking forward to a few days from now when we can sell these first bottles.

Stay tuned for details on when and where you can buy JVR Spirits Krupnik for the very first time.

And Happy National Liquor Day. Please celebrate responsibly.

JVR Spirits


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