Design Week Portland

You can see these words and pictures on the interwebs because of the good people at Daylight Studio in Portland. They built this site and we owe them a huge thank you. From the very first meeting with Shawn, to the moment when Anna announced, “We are live”, both the process and the results exceeded all of my expectations. The site looks fantastic, and working with Daylight was a blast.

I wish I could take credit for it, but Shawn woke up from a sound sleep with the most excellent idea to feature our site at their Design Week Portland 2014 open house. Daylight shared the great work they do for JVR Spirits and all of their other clients too. As for JVR Spirits, well, we shared Krupnik and the story of how we came to be making it.

Krupnik neat. Krupnik on ice. And Krupnik in a still-to-be-named cocktail that featured Krupnik, New Deal Distillery Coffee Liqueur, and New Deal Distillery Mud Puddle chocolate infused vodka.

In the course of one short evening, tens of Portlanders met Krupnik for the first time, and a non-scientific survey reported that 99 and 44/100ths of them liked it.

To the team at Daylight, THANK YOU!

To the rest of the world, JVR Spirits Krupnik is coming soon!


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